What People Say

G.H. Music Producer

Dealing with Massimo was a pleasure.

I decided to get a dinner suit made for my wedding but didn’t want to pay bespoke prices, however the suit he made fit far better than any bespoke suit I’ve had.
He has a great eye and put me at ease even though I left it all until the last minute. (Tip: Don’t leave it until the last minute).

Once the suit arrived, he re-pinned the pants so they could be altered for a better fit as I’d lost a bit of weight before the wedding.

He has a good knowledge of classic English and modern Italian cuts and the suit reflected that.

Recommend highly.

G.H. Music Producer April 12, 2016


Outstanding service, fit and quality of clothing. Massimo has great style and attention to detail he willingly shares. Impossible to go back from here…I won’t be buying elsewhere again.

T.D. CEO April 12, 2016


I had my wedding tuxedo and shirt made by Massimo at the Sartorial Bay. Excellent service and quality from start to finish! The tux and shirt looked amazing, fitted me like a glove, and Massimo was extremely helpful and professional throughout! Can’t recommend this place enough! I’ll be getting all my tailored clothing from here in the future.

M. K. Cosmetic Surgeon October 28, 2014


It is always an interesting experience dealing with people you know and I was interested to see how the experience would pan out, I must say that my experience and my first real journey into the world of Men’s Tailored suits in Sydney was first class. I really enjoyed the detailed journey that Massimo from Sartorial Bay took me on, from the fabric selection, to sizing and Tailoring and of course the final fitting.
I will be participating again very shortly and I have given as many people I know both in my personal and business network’s a Sartorial Bay business card, truly a rare talent that must be introduced to the world.
Thank you and congrats Massimo and to everyone in the Sartorial Bay for all of your hard work, the results should be enjoyed by everyone in your business.

M. M. CEO October 28, 2014


I was expecting something a little similar to my first tailoring experience where I was quickly shown some fabrics, had my measurements taken and a few days later I had my well fitting suit…I couldn’t have been more surprised.

Massimo is a true artist when it comes to men’s tailoring and the results are shown in the details of the end product. It’s extremely fascinating watching the amount of effort put in to building each article of clothing where even the type of stitching is not overlooked.

His talents really shine when it comes to finding a look that suits the lifestyle, not having much of an eye for fashion myself, Massimo’s suggestions were really on par with with the look that I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

If you are looking for a Men’s tailor in Sydney, I have no hesitation recommending Massimo & Sartorial bay to anyone that appreciates high quality clothing.

A. K. Digital Entrepreneur October 21, 2014


I was introduced to Massimo the Tailor behind Sartorial Bay some time ago through a common connection. As I like to wear tailor made suits I thought to give it a go and try something new. I didn’t have a completely positive experience previously here in Australia. Being Italian I am very fussy when it comes down tailor made suits. I like to know the fabrics, the handcrafting process, to get a style consultation, etc.

Massimo understood perfectly my requests but what really impressed me was his obsessive attention to details not only in making suits but first of all in his analysis to understand my style view and in proposing me something that could really match what I was looking for.

I usually do not write reviews but I felt like he totally deserved mine.
Highly recommended and great value for money.

F. C. Digital Entrepreneur October 21, 2014


I met Massimo a couple of years ago and when he moved back to London I struggled to find the right tailor in Sydney for me. When I heard he had established Sartorial Bay I had an appointment booked in no time at all.

I ended up with a meticulously cut handmade suit using Ariston cloth and a few shirts. Massimo spared no attention to detail in each of my fittings. Any tailor can measure up a man for a suit but not all understand configuration. Massimo consulted me and asked for feedback right throughout the process (and after). I opted for a Neapolitan shoulder (with Massimo’s guidance) rather than the classic cut as the softer shoulder helped minimise the ‘squareness’ I have in this area. The fit is unparalleled to any other tailored suit I own.

Massimo has years of experience and is Savile Row trained, this is clearly reflected by the knowledge he imparts and the manner by which he conducts the Sartorial Bay experience! Highly recommended.

T. B. International Firm’s Accountant October 21, 2014


I just recently engaged Massimo of Sartorial Bay men’s tailors in Paddington to design and make my new custom suit. The experience was a memorable one, firstly Massimo is a true artist and a perfectionist at this trade the time he spent ensuring every element of the suit would work with the colours I wanted along with the fact that tiniest detail must be perfect. It was an experience I encourage others to use Massimo and his service for your next suit. The man is a genius at getting the suit fitting perfectly the first time, no second fitting required. I will also say the quality of the work is second to none for me I wear a suit 5 days a week and this suit is one I am proud to wear. Thanks Massimo and Sartorial Bay it has been a great experience!

J. O. Insurance Manager October 21, 2014


Massimo at Sartorial Bay Tailors was strongly recommended to me and with a mix of tailored trousers and jackets was able to establish five new looks for me that are luxurious and modern but also unmistakably classic. The tailoring is truly exceptional and the shirts, pocket squares, scarves and glasses are brilliant for constructing a formal, contemporary classic wardrobe. The unique fabrics and tailored fit achieved by Massimo is second to none, and the whole experience at his Paddington studio was creative, fun and enlightening. Accessible pricing and good turnaround times. I’m going back for more suits, trousers, jackets, winter coat and shirts. Highly recommended!

J. C. CEO September 10, 2014