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    What Clients Say About Massimo of Sartorial Bay

    "I met Massimo a couple of years ago and when he moved back to London I struggled to find the right tailor in Sydney for me. When I heard he had established Sartorial Bay I had an appointment booked in no time at all.

    I ended up with a meticulously cut handmade suit using Ariston cloth and a few shirts. Massimo spared no attention to detail in each of my fittings. Any tailor can measure up a man for a suit but not all understand configuration. Massimo consulted me and asked for feedback right throughout the process (and after). I opted for a Neapolitan shoulder (with Massimo’s guidance) rather than the classic cut as the softer shoulder helped minimise the ‘squareness’ I have in this area. The fit is unparalleled to any other tailored suit I own.

    Massimo has years of experience and is Savile Row trained, this is clearly reflected by the knowledge he imparts and the manner by which he conducts the Sartorial Bay experience! Highly recommended." - T.B International Firm’s Accountant

    "I just recently engaged Massimo of Sartorial Bay men’s tailors in Paddington to design and make my new custom suit. The experience was a memorable one, firstly Massimo is a true artist and a perfectionist at this trade the time he spent ensuring every element of the suit would work with the colours I wanted along with the fact that tiniest detail must be perfect. It was an experience I encourage others to use Massimo and his service for your next suit. The man is a genius at getting the suit fitting perfectly the first time, no second fitting required. I will also say the quality of the work is second to none for me I wear a suit 5 days a week and this suit is one I am proud to wear. Thanks Massimo and Sartorial Bay it has been a great experience!" - J.O Insurance Manager

    "Massimo at Sartorial Bay Tailors was strongly recommended to me and with a mix of tailored trousers and jackets was able to establish five new looks for me that are luxurious and modern but also unmistakably classic. The tailoring is truly exceptional and the shirts, pocket squares, scarves and glasses are brilliant for constructing a formal, contemporary classic wardrobe. The unique fabrics and tailored fit achieved by Massimo is second to none, and the whole experience at his Paddington studio was creative, fun and enlightening. Accessible pricing and good turnaround times. I’m going back for more suits, trousers, jackets, winter coat and shirts. Highly recommended!" - J.C CEO