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Custom Made Shirts

custom made shirts

Beautifully cut and tailored from our fine fabrics range, our custom made shirts are a real pleasure to wear. Each tailored shirt is created to your specific measurements and requirements and unlike ready to wear shirts it will fit you like a dream.

We offer a great level of customization with over 20 styles of collars, 15 styles of cuffs and several style details like contrast stitching and contrast cuffs to make your shirts truly unique.

Tailored shirt fabrics

Custom Made Shirt Fabrics

All of our custom made shirts are made using the finest cottons from Italy. Our fabrics range consists of over 300 fabrics in a vast variety of colours and patterns featuring cotton poplin, twill, fil-a-fil, herringbone, linen and oxford with thread counts as high as Super 180’s. All fabrics are made using only pure natural fibre, providing great comfort while delivering high performance and durability.

tailor made shirt cuffs

Custom Shirt Style Details

Collars and Cuffs: are made using a high quality construction that provides a smooth look with no puckering.
Stitching: Our tailor made shirts are made using a single needle stitching.
Split yoke: to ensure a perfect fit across the shoulders, we us a split (4 piece) yoke.
Buttons: are tightly cross-stitched on all our tailor made shirts in order to avoid becoming loose over time.