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    Frequently Asked Questions - Sartorial Bay

    You can expect a professional yet very personal service. The final garment will feel more befitting and unique to you than any other suit you have ever worn before making you feel slimmer, taller and more confident.

    Each tailor made garment is cut individually and made specifically to our client’s measurements and preferences. Once the first suit or shirt order is been made we create a unique pattern with the gentleman’s name. This pattern is recorded so it can be used for all following orders and accordingly updated with required alterations.

    All of our tailored suits are made in our two workshops in Germany and Italy. Shirts are made in Germany.

    We source fabrics from the finest Italian and English mills and have access to any type of natural textile fiber.

    Normally we require three fittings. Sometimes only two if the garment fits perfectly straight up upon arrival from our workshop. Of course, if needed we carry out further fittings (totally free of charge) until you’re happy with the fit of your garment.

    Turnaround time is 4 weeks for suits and 3 weeks for shirts. Speed production available upon request with 1 week turnaround for both suits and shirts.

    Email us at or call us at 02 9460 9165 and we will be delighted to answer any question you may have about our service.

    We require a 50% deposit at the start of order with the remaining balance payable upon delivery of your finished garments.

    We accept all major credit and debit cards, bank transfer and cash. Zip Money will be also available soon.

    Yes, but only for Sartorial Bay garments. We do not alter garments made by others.