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    • THIS IS NOT A PURCHASE. IT’S AN INVESTMENT Here at Sartorial Bay you are not just buying clothes, you are simply investing in the most important asset people see of yourself. That is your image.
    • THIS IS NOT FASHION. IT’S YOUR STYLE It may sound similar but fashion and style are two completely different worlds apart. Fashion is for the masses, style is for the individual. Fashion goes out of fashion every 6 months, style is timeless.
    • ONLY THE BEST TAILORING All of our tailored garments are made using the best tailoring practices and the finest materials in the world (with no exaggeration). Each piece goes through over 20 processes and several hours of manufacture: 15 hours for our machine made suits and 40 hours for our handmade suits.
    • ENTIRELY MADE IN EUROPE Unlike the majority of tailors around, none of our garments, materials and labour comes from Asia. Our suits and shirts are entirely made in our workshop located in the South of Germany and all fabrics come from the finest Italian and English mills.
    • A TRULY EXCEPTIONAL FEELING This is not the average suit. It fits exceptionally well, the fabric is of the finest quality, it makes you feel like a movie star and lasts for many years to come as long as you look after it.
    • EACH GARMENT IS UNIQUE We don’t produce thousand pieces of the same garment. Instead we focus on making custom made garments built singularly for each of our clients. None of these garments is the same.
      Each garment is truly unique in every single part to a point that even two garments made for the same client, with the same material and style details are still different as these are put together by hand and as such they feature the beauty of imperfection which makes them unique.
    • REAL VALUE FOR MONEY Despite the high cost involved to create each of our garments we are committed to make our prices as affordable as possible. Differently from major luxury brands we don’t have high running costs and accordingly we are able to provide our garments at far better rates. This means our prices are based uniquely on the cost of tailoring and materials involved.
    • A BUDGET FOR ANYONE In order to accommodate anyone’s budget we have created two distinctive tailor made suit ranges: Machine-made Range and Handmade Range.

    Tailor Made Suits

    Two Piece Suits from $1,760
    Three Piece Suits from $2,280
    Blazers from $1,480
    Chinos from $640
    Waistcoats from $580
    Dinner Suits from $1,860
    Overcoats from $1,980
    Two Piece Suits from $3,980
    Three Piece Suits from $4,780
    Blazers from $3,280
    Chinos from $980
    Waistcoats from $860
    Dinner Suits from $4,180
    Overcoats from $4,360


    MACHINE: from $290

    HANDMADE: from $390

    * Minimum Order: 2 Shirts

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    The Cost of our Custom Tailor Made Suits and Shirts