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    Tailor Made Spring Racing Carnival Suits in Sydney

    Racing Suits

    There is no better event for a gentleman to dress to impress than the races, and what better way to impress than in a tailor made, spring carnival racing suit.

    Creativity is the most important skill a gentleman needs when putting together his racing suit for spring carnival. We recommend bright colours and tasteful contrasts. Though bear in mind that a good balance has to be maintained in order to impress without raising eyebrows.


    Beige Prince Of Wales Wool Super 160

    The beige prince of Wales pattern provides a distinctive and elegant vintage look which makes this racing suit truly unique. Thanks to the lightness of its fabric this racing suit is excellent for the Spring Carnival races.

    Jacket style: single breast, 2 buttons, notch lapel, flap side pockets, double vents.
    Trousers style: flat front, waistband with strap and buckle side adjusters, slanted side pockets.

    Fabric: lightweight Merino wool super 160 (240gr/m).


    Racing suits can be either single or double-breasted. It all depends on a gentleman’s body shape.
    Two button single-breasted racing suit: is the most popular style for its great versatility to fit any body shape and the flattering way it lengthens a man’s frame.

    One button single breasted racing suit: provides a sleek V silhouette and makes shoulders look broader.
    Three-button single breasted racing suit: looks best on tall frames adding a 60’s retro feel.

    Three-piece racing suit: is the pinnacle of elegance and is highly recommended for an impressive look. This style also provides a great alternative on those Spring days when the wearer feels taking off his jacket. The waistcoat on its own keeps the look elegant adding a touch of vintage charm.

    Double-breasted racing suit: is a little more unusual, though it’s making reappearance these days. We recommend this type of racing suit for slim and tall frames.

    Morning coat racing suit: this is the most formal style, very traditional and unmistakably elegant. It is basically the dinner suit of the races.


    When choosing a racing suit’s fabric it is essential to take into consideration that the Australian climate is never really cold during Autumn/Winter, whilst pretty hot during Spring/Summer season. Also being a social event most likely the wearer will be drinking and having good time contributing to a raised body temperature.

    With this in mind our fabric recommendation for a spring carnival racing suit would be a lightweight high-twist wool or Mohair. These types of fabrics perform extremely well in warm weather conditions delivering high breath-ability and maintaining high crease-resiliency. In terms of fabric weight we recommend 260gr/m cloth for all year around and 220gr/m for Spring/Summer.


    There are four main racing suit looks which are worth mentioning, though it all comes down to the individual flair and creativity which are the real key elements to make your racing suit stand out.

    Metallic racing suit: made with understated solid silver grey fabrics with a slight metallic sheen. Mohair fabrics are perfect for this look thanks to the natural fabric shine.

    Italiano racing suit: made with summery pastel colour fabrics (tan, beige, light blue) either solid or with patterns (Prince of Wales, Checks).

    Gangster racing suit: made with the typical gangster pin stripe fabrics. Strong and bold this look is particularly nice as a three-piece suit.

    Morning coat racing suit: made with traditional black tail jacket, light grey or pale blue waistcoat and striped darker grey trousers. Alternatively all three pieces in solid grey fabric. Depending on your personality and complexity Sartorial Bay works together with you on creating a truly outstanding tailor made racing suit, which will have ladies turning heads and gentlemen admiring you.

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    Tailor Made Spring Racing Carnival Suits in Sydney