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    Suits Care

    All of our suits are made from the finest Italian and English fabrics and you will find that they last considerably longer than any other suit. We put all our fabrics through wear and tear testing to ensure high performance and durability. Additionally we take into consideration your lifestyle and accordingly we recommend you with the most suitable fabric. Ultimately it is your care and respect for your garment that will increase its lifespan. Follow these simple tips and you will get the most out of your suits.

    Rotate Your Suits

    The simple solution to increasing the life of your suit is to rotate a number of suits, essentially owning more suits so that you can wear each one less.

    As a rule of thumb, a basic wardrobe should have a minimum of 5 suits: one for each working day of the week.

    Order 2 Pair Of Trousers For Each Suit

    You will find that your suit trousers are subject to far more wear and tear than your suit jacket. Thus ordering an extra pair of suit trousers is highly advised to double the lifespan of your suit. There is no reason that the two pairs of suit trousers should be exactly the same style either, enabling you to vary the style of your full suit (Ex. 1st suit trouser with belt loops and 2nd suit trouser with strap & buckle side adjusters on waistband).

    Dry-Clean Your Suits Correctly

    Dry-clean your suits as little as possible and only when strictly necessary. As a guideline, no more than 2-3 times per year. When this is needed, take great care on choosing a high quality dry-cleaner as a cheaper option may be deeply regretted. Spending a few dollars more is a much better option than taking the risk of having your suits permanently damaged by a careless dry-cleaner.

    Wear Your Suits With Care

    Look after your suits and avoid carrying bulky items or loose sharp objects in your pockets as they can easily tear the inside pockets.

    When Traveling

    Avoid wearing your jacket when driving a car or sitting on a plane. Always hang your jacket up wherever possible.

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    Tips on How to Take Care of Your Suit