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Massimo’s Story

Born and raised in Rome, Massimo grew up in a family of artisans. His interest for bespoke tailoring & menswear started as a young child by taking inspiration from his grandfather’s style.

Twenty years later that inspiration brought Massimo by chance into the world of bespoke tailoring. With no experience or background in tailoring Massimo started his career in Savile Row (London), considered by many as the global Mecca of bespoke tailoring.

Gifted with natural flair for sartorial style and design skills acquired by studying architectural design, Massimo learned the art of bespoke tailoring with incredible ease but above all he developed a true passion for the whole world related to it.

It was the construction of garments, the science behind fabrics, the heritage related to men’s clothing, the colourful characters of the trade, the relationship he forged with all of his clients and most of all the rewarding feeling of transforming a man’s image that inspired Massimo and captured his passion.

Throughout his career Massimo has dressed thousands of gentlemen from all ages and walks of life (businessmen, politicians, movie stars, sportsmen) and has mastered his craft by working closely with some of the world’s finest bespoke tailors.

Massimo created his own bespoke tailoring company in London, advised for international brands, collaborated with the finest suiting and shirting manufacturers from Italy, partnered with the world’s finest fabric mills and worked with the most acclaimed bespoke house in the world, Huntsman of Savile Row.

Nowadays in Sydney Massimo continues his tailoring legacy through Sartorial Bay by offering his expertise to transform Australian men’s image. Massimo’s goal with Sartorial Bay is to blend heritage tailoring with the coastal lifestyle, to create a unique new style that embraces formal and casual wearing in an organic symbiosis.