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    Most Dynamic and Versatile Custom Tailor Made Chinos For Men


    Tailor made chinos are the most dynamic and versatile smart / casual garment. They can be virtually worn with anything. A sharp pair of custom chinos with shirt or polo is all you need to look smart in a hot summer day.


    Desert Storm Cotton Gabardine

    This is undoubtedly the most versatile type of chinos. The beige cotton gabardine provides a great vintage look that makes these tailor made chinos increasingly charming with age. These chinos can be worn on their own or are excellent with a blue blazer.

    Chinos style: flat front, waistband with belt loops, slanted side pockets, unlined, plain hems.

    Fabric: lightweight cotton gabardine (220gr/m).


    Our tailor made chinos are usually flat fronted, with belt loops, slanted side pockets and plain hems. We also recommend chinos with side adjusters on waistband. This style detail enables a gentleman to wear his chinos without a belt, making the look cleaner. We also tailor chinos with turn-ups, though we will generally only recommend this type of style for tall people.

    The drape of our tailor made chinos is naturally slim and elegant to enhance the leg’s silhouette without compromising comfort.


    Although a pair of tailor made chinos can be made in a great variety of fabrics, our recommendation is cotton. Our Italian cotton is ultra soft and light providing excellent wear-ability and comfort.

    Linen chinos are excellent for a vintage look. For those who don’t like the natural creases of this fabric we also have a range of linen/cotton blends that provides the same look of linen but without creasing as much.

    Wool chinos are an excellent alternative to cotton and linen as it doesn’t crease, keeping the drape immaculate.

    In terms of colours, our tailor made chino fabrics are generally of solid colours. Shades of beige and blue provide the best versatility.


    The beautiful thing about our tailor made chinos is that they can be dressed up or down creating endless looks.
    When creating a look with chinos and blazer is fundamental to never match the two item’s colours. Instead always complement or contrast colours.

    – Beige cotton chinos and a navy blazer is arguably the most classic look.
    – Light blue chinos are great with a blazer in beige fabric or grey Prince of Wales checks.
    – Wool chinos in pastel colours are definitely the most elegant option as wool doesn’t crease. Paired up with a gabardine Navy blazer they make up for a great look at the Race Carnival or at the Australian Open tennis court.

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    Most Dynamic and Versatile Custom Tailor Made Chinos For Men