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    Although it’s not everyday a man would dress up for a formal Black Tie or White Tie event, a tailor made tuxedo is the only option if you want to be immaculately dressed.


    Black Wool/Mohair

    The black shawl lapel tuxedo is arguably the most timeless style of tuxedo. The one style that Sean Connery made it popular by wearing it as James Bond. This tailor made tuxedo is a must have piece for black tie events and formal dinners.

    Jacket style: single breast, 1 button, silken shawl lapel, silken jetted side pockets, double vents.
    Trousers style: flat front, waistband with buttons side adjusters, straight side pockets, side silken braid.

    Fabric: black wool/mohair super 120 (260gr/m).


    Sartorial Bay tuxedos can be either single or double breasted, although single-breasted tuxedos are much more popular. Tuxedo jackets can have shawl collar, peaked lapel or notched lapel.

    In addition to the classic full silk facing, Sartorial Bay tuxedo jackets can be made with silk braid on lapel’s edge. The silk colour can also be personalized adding a twist and making your tailored tuxedo unique.


    When it comes to fabrics, plain weave worsted wool is the most used for tailor made tuxedos. Mohair is also an excellent alternative as it has crisp texture and shinier look.


    The main two looks for tuxedos are Black Tie and White Tie.

    If the dress code is Black Tie, the tuxedo can be either black or midnight navy colour with shawl lapel, peak lapel or notch lapel tuxedo jacket. Midnight navy in particular produces less of a sheen than black when under artificial light, so is said to look “blacker than black”. For a great Black Tie look our suggestion is a shawl lapel, tailor made tuxedo jacket in midnight navy with silk lapel in black.

    If the dress code is White Tie, the tuxedo can be either white or cream colour with shawl lapel, peak lapel or notch lapel tuxedo jacket.For a great White Tie look our suggestion is a peaked lapel tuxedo jacket in cream colour with lapel edge silken braid in midnight navy.

    For both Black and White Tie, tuxedo trousers are made with a single silk or satin braid covering the outer seams or simply without for a more versatile look.

    Many more details of customization are available at Sartorial Bay to make your custom tuxedo a truly unique garment that sets you apart in the formal Black Tie and White Tie events that count most.

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