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    Our Difference

    After almost two decades of experience in London and Sydney, dressing thousands happy gentlemen I can confidently say I understand a little bit about tailoring. Though there is quite a big difference between having experience and being great at it. So following I explain the things that make my service unique and better than the majority of other tailors around Sydney.

    Understanding The Gentleman

    Making a suit for a mannequin is one thing, making a suit for a man is a whole different one. Most tailors don’t realise this important distinction and yet after years of experience they still make suits for mannequins. I don’t and for this reason I spend much time to get to know the person I dress and understand his emotional and psychological factors: personal and business lifestyle, habits, mannerism (the way he sits, moves, talks and holds himself). Only once I understand the person I translate all this information into measurements, style details and choice of materials to create a totally personal garment.

    As simple as it may sound this is something that cannot be thought and no matter how long the experience a tailor either has it or doesn’t. Nowadays just a very few tailors get this right.

    Personal Attention

    I believe tailoring is an extremely personal service and for this reason I don’t trust delegating my work by employing strangers to dress my clients.

    Hence I take care of each client in person and oversee the whole tailoring process from beginning to end ensuring every minuscule detail is on point. Only this way I can assure things turn out as I want.

    Beyond The Service

    Once a suit is made I don’t just let a gentleman walk away with it. I educate each client on how to wear a suit properly, what to wear it with, how to maintain it and how to maximise its lifespan.

    I stay in touch periodically and just like a friend I build a relation based on trust and loyalty that goes beyond my service and last for a lifetime.

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