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    Welcome to Sartorial Bay

    You are here because you’re looking for the ultimate in tailoring and we are here to deliver you just that.

    We are a Sydney based men’s tailor house specialised exclusively in custom made to measure tailoring providing fine tailor made suits and shirts across business, wedding, smart casual and casual wear.




















    Deep tailoring knowledge

    Headed by Italian tailor Massimo Guglielmi with almost two decades of experience from Savile Row (London) to Sydney. Massimo was mentored by Savile Row tailors and partnered with some the finest Italian tailoring workshops “sartorie”. Throughout his career he has dressed thousands of gentlemen from all walks of life while always overachieving their expectations. Massimo’s deep tailoring knowledge, style perception and incredible attention to detail are seldom found in Australia. With this in mind we can confidently say we know a thing or two about tailoring.

    A very personal approach

    Our approach is personal and dynamic yet deep and considered.
    We take our time to get know you just like a friend and guide you through the whole process making your journey informative and relaxing at the same time.

    Uniquely made for you

    Each tailor made suit is individually cut and uniquely made for you taking in consideration not just your aesthetics and body shape but most and foremost your personality and lifestyle requirements. This bring out the best of you while avoiding both loudness and dullness. The final result is a personal garment of great fit and comfort balanced to your personality and lifestyle.

    Endless customization

    When designing your own tailor made suit with us we give total freedom of choice and frankly the only limit is your imagination. We give you access to any type of possible customization: from style details to trimmings, linings, buttons, materials and the list goes on. Our fabric range includes cloths from the finest Italian and English mills with choice of practically any type of textile natural fiber.

    Unparalleled comfort

    Following on the footprints of the Neapolitan tailoring school and taking in consideration Sydney climate conditions, we make our jackets with lightweight construction and soft shoulder pads in order to achieve maximum comfort and we arability for the wearer.

    Accessible to most

    If you are serious about a custom tailored suit you probably already know that to get a decent one made you need to allow for a substantially bigger budget than the average off the rack suit. Having saying so we are well aware that not everyone is willing to break the bank. For this reason we have created two separate lines made with different constructions and with different price points so we can offer tailor made suits starting from a sweet $990 while still using great quality materials and without cutting corners.



    Made to Measure Suits and Shirts by Sartorial Bay Sydney

    We understand that every gentleman is unique

    Our goal is to create fine custom-tailored suits in Sydney that are reasonably priced and made with your vision at the forefront.
    • Blazers — Look smart in your leisure time, with blazers that can be made to fit any style. Whether you choose a slim-fitting blazer or a relaxed and laid-back style, you can dress this garment up or down, making it a must-have in every man’s well-curated clothing collection.
    • Business suits — Make an unforgettable first impression with a professionally tailored business suit that sculpts your silhouette while providing a contemporary fit.
    • Casual suits — Balance formality and style with flexible comfort with these trendy smart casual suits — perfect for your business-casual office dress code
    • Racing suits — When you’re looking to dress to impress, there’s no better way than a tailor-made racing suit. Sleek, suave and sophisticated, we can create a custom design to suit your unique aesthetic and the event you’re attending.
    • Tuxedos — Perfect for when you’re looking to be impressively dressed at a black-tie event — you’ll feel as good as you look.
    • Wedding suits — For your special day. There’s no better way to mark the great occasion than wearing a sharp tailor-made suit that perfectly matches your body and personality. Be it a black-tie event or smart casual wedding, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke suit that makes your big day unforgettable.
    • Chinos — Whether you’re dressing for work or attending an informal event, this smart-casual garment can be paired with a range of shirts and tops. When it comes to looking classy with ease, chinos deliver every time.
    • Custom made shirts — Choose from over 20 styles of collar, stitching types, and 15 styles of cuffs to create the perfect tailor-made custom shirt.
    • Suit care — Quality suits require quality care. The best way to make the best fabric last is to treat it with care and respect.

    Sartorial Bay showroom

    You can expect meticulously crafted tailor-made suits in Sydney when you work with Sartorial Bay. We provide a very personal service that will leave you feeling unique and stylish in our comfortable and high-quality fabrics. Whether you want to visit us or have our expert tailors come to you, we can accommodate you and your needs. Feel free to browse our helpful FAQs page for any other queries you might have. To request a personal tailoring service by appointment with Massimo, contact us, and we will work to find the most suitable time.


    To ensure our garments are of the highest quality, we use only natural fabrics from the finest Italian mills. Our range include:

    • Wool
    • Silk
    • Linen
    • Mohair
    • Cotton
    • And various mix blends


    At Sartorial Bay, we generally require three fittings. Although perfect fit will only require two, though we can do as many as needed free of charge until you are happy with the way it hugs your silhouette.

    Custom-tailored suits in Sydney are created, stitched and produced in a reasonable timeframe. General turnaround is four weeks for suits and three weeks for shirts. If you would like to request speed production, we have services with a one-week turnaround for both bespoke suits and shirts. If you need a garment quickly, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can speed up the production of your suit or shirt.

    Yes we offer a premium wedding parties tailoring service. All members are individually measured and fitted.

    We are a pure tailor house and as such we only provide tailor-made suits and shirts.

    We don’t alter garments that are made by others. Though we offer alterations for all of our tailor-made suits here in Sydney. For more detailed information, feel free to get in touch.