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    A well tailor made business suit is an essential part of any businessman’s wardrobe and says a lot about the wearer, reflecting professionalism, good taste, and an expression of personal style. It is indeed the most important asset for any gentleman’s wardrobe as in business the first impression is what counts and most of times a business suit is the tipping needle between failure and success.


    Our tailor made business suits can be either single or double breasted although single-breasted business suits are the most popular option. Jackets are generally made with 2 front buttons as this style provides a better silhouette on most body shapes. Jacket lapels can be either notched or peaked, though notch lapels are the most popular option for business. As for tailor made business suit trousers these are generally flat fronted with either plain hems or turn ups. Though from time to time some gentlemen prefer a more traditional look with pleats at the front which provide more fullness on legs.



    Classic navy business suit. The most versatile and first suit any gentleman should have in his wardrobe. This particular one was made with some little less traditional details. In fact the jacket is semi-unlined in the inside for better breathability and with patch pockets on the outside. Also Neapolitan shoulder are featured.

    Jacket style: single breast, 2 buttons, notch lapel, semi-unlined, patch pockets, Neapolitan shoulders, double vents.

    Trousers style: flat front, waistband with belt loops, slanted side pockets.

    Fabric: lightweight wool super 120 (240gr/m).


    Wool is by all means the fabric of preference for our tailor made business suits. We also recommend wool/mohair blends for higher performance and crease resistance. As for colours usually the choice is between grey and blue shades. It can be a plain fabric or a pattern like stripes, checks or hounds tooth. It all comes down to the type of look a gentleman wants to achieve.
    Selecting the fabric for a tailor made business suit is a very thought out choice and it is crucial to understand fabrics language in order to achieve a well balanced image and looking appropriate for a specific type of industry. Thus some fabrics like stripes are bolder and provide a stronger look whether some others with subtle texture (nails head, sharkskins) provide a more gentle look.



    Classic business suit for City professionals. The high resiliency and breath-ability of the high-twist fabric makes this tailor made business suit the ideal companion for traveling all year round.

    Jacket style: single breast, 2 buttons, notch lapel, straight side flap pockets, double vents.
    Trousers style: flat front, waistband with belt loops, slanted side pockets.

    Fabric: mid weight high-twist wool super 100 (260gr/m).


    At Sartorial Bay, our high-quality business suits are made from the finest luxury Italian and English fabrics, sourced from amazing mills — particularly lightweight and mid-weight high-twist wool for our business suit range. This gives us access to any type of natural textile fibre, ensuring that your business suit doesn’t just look and feel amazing, but it’s built to last. We subscribe to the idea that if you buy it nice, you won’t have to buy it twice.

    To get the best fit possible, we generally require three fittings — in some cases, two is enough if the garment fits seamlessly straight away. We don’t compromise on quality, so if three rounds are not enough, we will do as many as it takes — free of charge — to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

    Sartorial Bay focuses on delivering the best quality possible, which is why we’re a pure tailor house. We only offer tailor-made suits and shirts, as anything less than a complete fit wouldn’t sit right with us. Our products and services cover:

    Yes, but only for garments that Sartorial Bay supplies. We offer industry-leading tailoring services, never compromising on quality. If you need an alteration, simply contact us, and we can book an appointment for Italian tailoring that you’re sure to love. We’re the place to be to experience the best in suit care.

    Yes. At Sartorial Bay, we offer custom-made shirts in over 20 styles of collars, 15 styles of cuffs and several other bespoke details that we can work with you to create, including stitching and cuff contrasting. Since we aim to give you a complete look, you can also discuss tie options with us. We can guide you through the process and offer advice to ensure you’re always looking your best.

    We aim to please. Given the opportunity, we will provide tailor-made men’s business suits in Sydney for as many people that require it, given enough time and preparation. Whether you’re looking to create a unified professional work look or anything else, we’re the place to go for all tailor-made luxury suits.


    Men's Tailor Made Business Suits in Sydney